How do I add a Partner?

Our Partner feature is part of our Teamwork package and helps you work together with your partner, share milestones, and reach your goals faster. 

You can only have one partner, which means partnering is an important decision. Once you have a partner on WiseBanyan, you can share milestones. You decide which milestones - if any - that you do or do not want to share. 

When you share a milestone, you work together to reach the goal. Your partner will be able to see your milestone history and holdings on any milestone that you choose to share. At the same time, we keep your portfolios, recommendations, and funds separate in your individual brokerage accounts.

There are two ways you can add a partner: 

  1. Log into your account, select the milestone you want to share, and click the gold + button on the screen, OR
  2. Log into your account, select Packages on the menu bar, select Teamwork, activate the package and click Add A Partner.

With both options, you’ll be able to select one or as many milestones as you’d like to share as part of the steps to invite your partner. Afterward, we’ll send the invite to your partner who’ll then be able to review and accept your invite. Once your partner accepts, you’ll start working together towards shared milestones!

Learn more about our Teamwork package or Family Accounts, our other Teamwork feature:






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