Do the funds charge any fees?

Our recommended funds each charge a low expense ratio, which is a fee their fund managers charge as a percent of managed assets. WiseBanyan does not receive any share of these fees, whether in the form of a revenue share, commissions, or kickbacks. This gives us the freedom to provide the best investment advice to our clients.

Our portfolios have an average fund fee of 0.12% and a range of 0.03% to 0.13%. Here is the breakout for each individual fund:

VTI: 0.05%

VEA: 0.09%

VWO: 0.15%

VGIT: 0.12%

VGSH: 0.12%

LQD: 0.15%

VGSH: 0.12%

SJNK: 0.40%

TIP: 0.20%

VNQ: 0.10%

VCSH: 0.10%

SCHB: 0.03%

SCHF: 0.08%

IEMG: 0.16%

VCIT: 0.10%

HYS: 0.55%

IYR: 0.45%

SPY: 0.11%

EFA: 0.32%

EEM: 0.70%

SHYG: 0.50%

ICF: 0.35%

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